Uygur Museum

Uygur Museum is the exact replica of traditional Uygur residential house in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomy Region. The building components were made by local craftsmen according to local convention and transported to Beijing for completion. All the construction materials are transported from Kashgar, Xingjiang. The museum commenced construction in 1999 and was open to the public in September 2001.

The museum is designed to revive the living environment in south, north and east of Xinjiang. It comprises traditional dwellings in the area of Ili, Turpan, Kashgar high platform style, Kashgar high platform style for pottery makers, Hotan, rubbing brick mosques in Kashgar, Sugong Tower, Bazaar (local market street), the grape valley, the Blaze Mountain and pasture land in Tianshan Mountain. The vegetation and crops are arranged in accordance with local ecological environment. It covers a land area of 8,732 square meters and floor area of 3,820 square meters.

All the exhibits are arranged in accordance with their original settings. They are collected from Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and can be dated back from Song Dynasty(960-1279) to modern times, about five hundred years of history.

Location of Uygur Museum: South Park

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