Ewenki Nationality in Brief

Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Pinyin): è wēn kè

English Translation1: Ewenki

Population & Distribution2: Total population is 30,875, mainly distributed in the area of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region.

Spoken and Written Language: Ewenki has its own language, which is belong to the the Manch-Tungus group of Altaic language family. There three language dialects, namely, Hailar, Chenbaerhu and Aoluguya. No writing system preserved. The people live in pastoral area usualy speak  Mongolian whilst the people live in farming area and forest zone speak Chinese.

Major Industry: They maily engaged in animal husbandry and sidelined with agriculture and forestry.

Religious Belief: The Ewenki people believes in Shamanism.

Traditional Festivals: Mikol Festival, the Spring Festival, Latten Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, Sebin Festival.

Traditional Diet: cream, Butter, dried cheese, dried curds, urum and etc.

Traditional Folk Art: Madrigals, hunting song, Tsandolarga song, Nugaili Dance and Swan Dance.

Note 1: The English names of nationalities are compiled according to the usage of the Internet and written materials.

Note 2: The distribution of ethnic population and regions is cited from the computer aggregated data of the 2010 census of China.

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