With a population of 1,260,000, Dai people mainly live in Xishuangbanna and Dehong District, Yunnan Province. They have their own language which is branch of the Zhuang-Dai branch, Zhuang-Dong group of Chinese-Tibetan language family. Dai people regard the water as the nutrition for everything and source of life. That's why Dai people are also called nation of water.

    The lush forest, tropical fruits, grotesque flowers and wood and precious medicines have earned the regions where Dai people live the fame of Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Dai people normally believe in the Hinayana. All the living things are believed to have souls and a plethora of gods are worshiped.

    The major festivals of Dai include: Water-splashing Festival, Kaimen (Open Door) Festival and Guanmen (Close Door) Festival.


Dai Museum:

    The museum comprises Dai dwellings, Baanfeilong Pagoda, Dai temple, monk room, elephant tower well, peacock pavilion, bamboo bridge, village center, water-splashing kiosk, water-splashing wooden dragon and tropical bamboos grove.

    It is the exact replica of the traditional Dai building in Xishuangbannan and Dehong District. The museum is designed in the village style. The building components were made by local craftsmen according to local customs and cultural features. Local materials are used including couch grass on the roof. The components were transported to Beijing for final construction. The building works were completed in 1993. The exhibits thereof all reflect the traditional life of Dai people. The surroundings have the smack of Dai villages.

    The museum covers a total area of 10,000 square meters and building area of 612 square meters .