With a population of about 18,000, Deang living in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan province. Native language is the Va-De’ang branch, the Indonesian group of the Austro-Asiatic family. There is no writing system preserved.

Deang people are mainly engaged in agriculture and skilled in tea growing.

Traditional food: papaya salad, the cold catfish, vegetables pound in bamboo tube, crispy wax gourd.

Traditional festivals: Water-splashing festival, the Closing Door festival, the Open door festival, Burning White Fire Wood festival, the Praying Ceremony.

Traditional song and dance: Elephant-foot drum dance, water drum dance and drum contest.

Deang people belief in Theravada Buddhist and nature worship.

The Museum building

The building is exact replica of traditional Deang residence in Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan the region. The building was built by local craftsmen according to the national customs and construction process. The building components were made local and transferred to Beijing for final assenbly. Construction work started in 1999 and completed in 2001.

Deang Museum composed by hat shaped wood house, Buddhist temple, the White Tower, village pole, water-splashing kiosk and woodshed. The building complex is arranged as a mountain village. Vegetation is cultivated in accordance with the local climate. The building covers an land area of 1,900 square meters and the construction area is 596 square meters.

Out door and in door display of Deang Museum is a live setting of traditional production and lifestyle of Deang. Exhibits are collected from the Dehong region of Yunnan province, which covered a time span from the Qing Dynasty(1616-1911) to modern times, about two hundred years of history.