Dong has a population of 2,966,300 and living in the Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi and other provinces. The origin of Dong is ancient "Bai Yue" along ethnic lines. The Dong language belongs to the Dong-Shui branch, the Zhuang-Dong group of the Chinese-Tibetan language family. Dong engaged in agricultural and sidelined forestry. Their staple food is rice. Dong people like spicy dishes, rice wine and Chinese doughnut.

Dong people used to live in building on stilt. The Drum Tower and decorated bridge are essence of their architecture art. Dong brocade, Dong cotton cloth, cross-stitch, embroidery and other craft are distinctive. Multi part Dong chorus is prestigious. The major festival of Dong includes Ox God Sacrifice and the New Harvest Festival. Dong people worship of spirits.


The Museum building

The building complex of Dong Museum composed by Drum Tower, Drum Tower Square, decorated bridge, opera house, Dong resident in Rongjiang style, village gate, the waterwheel groups, barn, grain drying frame, grandmother altar and wharf.

The exhibit of the museum is life settings of Dong residence and photo gallery is also on display.

Folk activities at Dong museum include Singing Dong opera, Dong chorus, step on shoe boards, weaving, cross-stitch, tea drinking and agricultural activities.