Kirgiz people are mainly distributed in Kizilsu Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Area. The population of Kirgiz is about 161,000. The national language is belong to the Turkic group of Altaic language family with Arabic alphabet based spelling system. The Kirgiz people believe in the Islam.

Kirgiz mainly engaged in animal husbandry and sidelined with cultivation and handicraft industry.

The traditional diet: Sliced mutton, roast meat, butter rice pot and etc.

Traditional festivals: Nowruz Festival, Horse Milk Festival, Crow Festival, Eid-al-Fitr and other.

Traditional songs and Dances: milking dance, tapestry dance.

Traditional athletics: wrestling on horseback, catching silver ingots from racing horses, horseback shooting and other.

Kirgiz Museum: The main building is traditional Kyrgyz yurt that collected from Kizilsu Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Autonomous Area. The yurt was made by local craftsmen according to the national customs and traditional crafts. The building parts were shipped to Beijing and assembled in 1998. The museum was open to the public in 2001.

Kirgiz Museum is composed by the yurt and grassland. The planning of the museum is presented a steppe nomads family environment. The vegetation is also arranged according to local climate as well. The museum has a construction area of 28.26 square meters that covers an ground area of 337 square meters.