Sui nationality lives mainly in Sandu area, Guizhou province with a population around 400,000. The national language belongs to the Dong-Shui branch, the Zhuang-Dong group of the Chinese-Tibetan language family. There is an ancient script system exist called "Shui Text". The script system has only more than 100 characters that used for religious activities only.
The Sui people is mainly engaged in agriculture and sidelined with forestry.
Traditional festivals: the Spring Festival, the Water God Sacrifice Day, the Goddess Sacrifice Day and etc.
Traditional songs and dances: bronze drum dance, bullfight dance, Lusheng dance, antiphonal singing, solo singing, impromptu singing, ballad and etc.
Traditional food: fish with chives stuffing, sour broth, boiled fish, wine and etc.
Traditional athletics: horse racing, bullfighting, fish fighting and etc.
Sui people believe in animist and worship of polytheists.

Sui Museum: The museum is exact replica of traditional dwellings in the Sandu area of Guizhou province. The building components were made by local craftsmen in Guizhou according to the national customs and construction technology and shipped to Beijing for final construction. The building work was started in 1999 and the museum was open to the public in September 2001.
The Sui museum consists of traditional wood houses that the doors are open to the middle, south and north respectively. There are also a village gate, barn and corn terraced fields. The planning of the museum is designed a mountain village environment and the vegetation is grown according to local climate. The museum has construction area of 546 square meters, terrace area of 1150 square meters, cobblestone streets 30 meters. They covers an ground area of 2,006 square meters.
The indoor and outdoor display of Sui museum is life settings of original production of life of Sui people. The exhibits are collected from Sandu area of Guizhou province which cover a time span from the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern times, about three hundred years of history.